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Super Mario Bros. Online GUIDE (Out-of-date)

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Author Topic: Super Mario Bros. Online GUIDE (Out-of-date)  (Read 12351 times)
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« on: June 25, 2010, 11:10:17 am »

World Map & Favors

This is a semi-comprehensive map of the game as of its most recent update. For better quality, follow the direct link here.

For the first favor, give the Toad at the point indicated three Koopa Shells to gain access to the warp in the dark purple house, and thusly the HP Plus Badge.
For the second, talk to the Toad in the indicated location, then kill 10 Lakitus in the same screen (not necessarily in one life).  Talk to the Toad again to receive 100 coins.
For the third, talk to the Toad, then head to the screen with seven Piranha Plants and look behind a tree for the Mushroom Toy.  Give this to the Toad to gain access to warp #7, and the second half of Koopa Beach.
For the fourth, talk to the Salestoad to find out that his sick friend has his goods in a package.  Go to the Restoration House and talk to the Toad in the right corridor to have him give you the package.  Return it to the first Toad to gain access to the shop containing the third set of equipment.
For the fifth, talk to the Koopa in the house indicated and give him three Drillbit Shells in exchange for five Melons, rare items which stack and give 10 HP apiece.
For the sixth, retreive the envelope for Toadsdale after hitting the four switches.
For the seventh favor, deliver the Toad ten Pokey Flowers, in exchange for 200 experience points.
For the eighth, talk to the Toad in the northwest corner of the town, then talk to the other Toads to eventually receive the Goomba Toy. Give this to the first Toad to receive a Pokey Card.
For the ninth favor, deliver the green-capped Toad the package of Super Shroom (located in the upper-right corner of the screen two screens west of the vine pit.
For the tenth, deliver a Shroom Cake to the Toad outside of Flower Hills.  In exchange, he'll allow you to sample his wares.

Other notes:
- The three points marked in the Mushroom Maze inset are a Moderately Weak Mini Bob-Omb, a Moderate Mini Bob-Omb, and the point where the former is used, respectively.
- Warp 16 is a Bullet Bill cannon, and is illustrated as a yellow/red warp for simplicity’s sake.  To make the Golden Bullet Bill appear, you will first need to find the clues to its location, the first being located around cacti in the bottom-right of the screen one screen east of the cannon, and the second in front of a small cliff in the screen one screen south of the cannon.
- The spray can opposite the card shop is where Yoshi and Toad can have their skin/cap color changed.

Here is a map of the very expansive Mushroom Kingdom area, with a comprehensive listing of various points of interest.

Green – Favor Locations
Blue – Sites of Interest
Red – Spin Badge Panel Locations
Purple – Mushroom Ball Locations
Grey  – Other Points of Interest

Favor Descriptions
#1 – Talk to Peach to have her enlist your help in finding her precious item.  Return it to her to receive 2,000 coins, a Deluxe Meal, and a very helpful badge.
#2 – Breach the lines of defense this Koopa has set up to have him ask for the number of buildings in the Mushroom Kingdom.  Answer correctly to receive a rare badge.
#3 – Bring this Goomba a Jelly Super to receive 200 Coins and a Star Piece.
#4 – Return this Toad’s Mushroom Balls to receive a Blue Candy and 3 Star Pieces.

Sites of Interest
#1 – Restoration House.
#2 – Item Shop & Item Holder.
#3 – Badge Bazaar & Star Piece Exchange.
#4 – Equipment Shop.
#5 – Dodgebill Arcade.
#6 – A locked house used in one of the favors.
#7 – A locked house containing one of the favors.
#8 – The Cake Mix vendor’s house.
#9 – Salt T.’s kitchen.
#10 – Peach’s Castle.

#1-#3 - ? Blocks.  The second one is the most elusive, and requires the use of a hidden Drill Badge panel to reach.
#4 – Shortcut to the beginning of the MK path.  Requires a Hammer Barrage badge.
#5 – The Small Key is located in this area, and is required for one of the favors.
#6 – Save Album.
??? – This house is linked to a very secret item. Bringing it here will grant you a unique reward.

And last, but not least, here's a map of the right path of the Daily Event, commonly referred to as the "DE Maze" or simply the "hard side".

Legend should explain it all; there are three DE Koopas before the pipe, and five afterward.

Again, please let me know if there are any glaring errors in this guide.  Screenshot proof (try ScreenHunter Free 5.0) is always most helpful to illustrate a complaint.


Garro - For mapping the Flower Hills and Mushroom Kingdom Path areas, as well as making minor additions to earlier areas.
BlazeingYoshi - Lemon Lollipop recipe
Draco - For reminding me to remove those annoying "8)" smileys.
Shroomerson - Maple Syrup recipe
Yoshisx9 - Information regarding a secret item.
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