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October 23, 2020, 05:25:02 pm
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Levels and stats.

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Author Topic: Levels and stats.  (Read 1278 times)
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« Reply #45 on: March 30, 2011, 09:57:02 pm »

Dang, it's been awhile, hasn't it?

Currently training:

Medicguy2 (Luigi > Playaround/Luck-based)

Attack: 18 (+7)
Defense: 8 (+8)
Speed: 7
Stache: 9
HP: 50 (Base 30, I think, or 35.)
FP: 45 (I'm not sure what base is on this, might be the same range as base HP.)

Medwario2 (Quite obvious who he is > "Russian Roulette")

Attack: 21 (+13)
Defense: 3 (+6)
Speed: 2
Stache: 2 (+1)
HP: 30 total
FP: 35 total

(Russian Roulette in this case is a luck-based shooter, which only applies to, currently, Wario and Waluigi, because they have ranged weapons.)

Medicguy2Atk (Luigi > Glass Sword)

It is quite obvious that he has pure attack, in terms of allocation. Alterations are as follows:

HP: +15
FP: +20
Defense: +8

At L56, this would mean he has 56 base attack, plus 8 with badge set-up currently. This character is an experiment in terms of how high Luigi's Attack can go without a loss of attack by making unnecessary stat allocation to anything other than attack. He can quite easily kill enemies up to, and including, Pipe-Dwelling Lakitu, and with the Dodgebill Attack badge and reaching L60, he will have a total of 69 attack. This is under 1HKOs against Blue Koopas, but will allow me to transport my characters, as well as other players, safely by disposing of the PDL guards. Once this Luigi hass reached the cap, my "EX" account will get a pure-attack Wario as well and see how upscale that'll be.

And last up, on my newest account:

Medicguy2EX (Waluigi > Novice)

Attack: 3 (+2)
Defense: 3 (+2)
Speed: 2
Stache: 4 (+1)
HP: 15
FP: 5

The point with this Waluigi will be to match Luigi's level, but to adapt, be slightly stronger and slightly luckier. The primary goal is Stache, for obvious reasons (Around base 11 or 12 Stache.), then power up Attack (Up past base 23 for sure) before following that up with, well, slightly weaker Defense (4 base max, probably.) To compensate, only Attack+ and Defense+ badges will be used, aside from the obvious (And because WAM will not be put into account this time, as well as no HP+/FP+ badges being used, I will focus on one or two extra HP/FP each This will change as I will want to use a secret badge with this character.)

That's my curretn line-up at this time.


Need I say more?

Well, the experiment is almost finished. Once I close the deal by getting around 60-70 DB Tokens, I will start a pure Attack Wario character. His stats may not be ideal, but once his attack reaches superior heights, I do believe we're looking at two VERY powerful, but VERY FRAGILE, super mutant attackers.

But, to date, I do believe this is the only Luigi with the highest attack, and I was clearly the only one crazy enough to try it Wink .

All-in-all, how much was this experiment? Well, I ONLY bought weapons (There are exceptions, like with the hat/upper armor/shoes.), and collected the badges without insane requirements, save Power Rush from WAM. I may go one step further, one day, by making a pure-attack Toad, but we'll see on that. I also collected badges that did not have any reductions to other stats, as attack was only raised. Once the level cap is raised a bit further, I will go back on my pure Atk Luigi first and get him up to the cap, with the same stat allocations in mind. However, that will be some time yet, so a pure-attack Wario will be first.

Anyway, the whole experiment was roughly 2000 coins for equipment that did not reduce attack levels w/o trading from other players. Because Wario's highest Attack weapon is his shooter, and because his Double Bob-Ombs require some stats, I will have to resort to keeping the Mallet from MT once the DB is finished. (It will be possible that I do one extra trade-off by giving my pure-attack Wario another Power Plus. How I will do that, I will most likely use patience, unless it's 9:00PM over here or I'm extremely bored of other stuff, in which case I will DB myself... cheap, I know, but I will most likely do that as a last resort, as stated earlier.)

(Walls of text, I know. I'll shut up now :Smiley)
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