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Title: New PvP Area
Post by: Chaox on December 30, 2011, 02:57:07 pm
Kimi needs ideas for a new PvP area, so id like for you guys to post yours and here is mine.

~Random Items~
This is pretty simple, ? blocks would appear around the area kind of like WAM. These random items would give you random effects, some beneficial some not. here's a couple of examples

Healing: Kind of like the yoshi cookie.
Double attack: Like Red Gnarwantula Cola
Half Attack
Double defense
half defense
Poison:reverse yoshi cookie
Freeze in place

And ect.

These random effects could last like 10 seconds and would really make for a fun PvP Area.

I'd like to see your Ideas too! maybe add to mine or make an area completely on your ideas, thanks for the help. ~Chaox~

Title: Re: New PvP Area
Post by: Shroomerson on December 30, 2011, 05:42:54 pm
-Shy Guy Team-

When both players enter, 2 Shy Guys will be beside them. These Shy Guys will act on their respective teams, but can only attack the opposing team member. The Shy Guys don't need to be defeated.

Title: Re: New PvP Area
Post by: Penguin4478 on December 30, 2011, 06:45:37 pm
This is somewhat a build off of Chaox's:

Spread out across the field are special spaces (tiles) that are chosen by random each time. Stepping on them activates a random effect, which lasts 15 seconds. Here are some of my ideas, and some of them are chaox's.
-Health recovery:Heals a % of your max health
-Health removal: Takes away a % of your max health, ignoring defenses.
-Stun: Immobilizes you, and also stops you from attacking for 3 seconds.
-Trap: Immobilizes you, but you can still attack.
-Pit: A trap hole that always does 5 damage. Jump to get out of it.
-Health regeneration:Heals 50% max health at 10% each 3 seconds
-Poison/DoT: Removes 30% of max health at 6% each 3 seconds
-FP removal: Removes between 10-30 FP
-FP recovery: Recover 10-30 FP
-Super Specials: Doubles range and damage of special attacks. Unfortunately, this is a very rare effect
-Power Strike: Multiplies attack by 1.5
-Power+: Boosts damage dealt each hit by 3
-Power++: +5 damage each hit
-Power+++: +10 damage each hit
-Defense Down: Removes half of your defense until you take damage
-Defense Up: +50% defense
-Damage+:Damage you deal increases by 50%
-Damage-: Damage you deal is lowered by 50%
-Spread attacks: Hits all enemies around you with normal attacks
-Block Rush: Increases block chance by 50%
-Critical Rush: Increases critical chance by 50%
-Critical Rush+: All hits will be critical hits
-Block Rush: Makes you impervious to any attacks
-Fatal Blow: Gives you a 10% chance for your attacks to do a 1-hit KO

Spike walls-Touching these will deal 5 damage

Title: Re: New PvP Area
Post by: Medicguy2 on December 30, 2011, 08:12:06 pm
~Train Station~
The trains here are merciless, driven by a Shy Guy. Free-for-all based combat 'cept in groups. Getting hit by a train will result in you being instantly killed. Trains appear every one and a half minutes.

Other hazards:
Rope: Roots you to the spot, but can still attack. This lasts 10 seconds. Usually on the tracks for comical humor. Surviving nets you a self-rescuer token, which can be traded in for 10 coins, 1 STS token, or 2 DB tokens.
Train hi-jack: Take control of a train with a remote comtrol, designed to take the train. Use this on unsuspecting players to instantly kill them. If you're successful, you get a hi-jacker token, which can be traded in for 50 coins, 6 sts tokens, 12 db tokens, and 1 dim star piece. You'll be marked as a player-killer, though, so beware!
Zipline: Use on high elevations to get to the other side. This is tile-specific, so is not an item. Doing this when going over a train nets you a Zipster Token, which can be traded in for 20 coins, 2 sts tokens, and 4 db tokens. Doing this just before the train shows up, and getting past it will yeilded 2-5 tokens, depending on how close the train is before you pass it.

Advantageous badges:
Spin Badge: There's a spectator area you can access if you possess it.
Drill Badge: Access an underground version of the PvP map, which is more difficult, but results in twice the amount of tokens rewarded. Trains here appear every 60 seconds, with an Underground Shy Guy travelling it.
Jugem's Cloud: Access the Sky High Train Station, the hardest map. Rewards are yeilded at 5 times the amount, but there's no zipline tiles. Trains appear every 30 seconds, driven by a Lakitu conductor. In addition, players in the spectator section can use Jugem's cloud to access the higher-up spectator area, considered "Box seats".