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Super Mario Bros. Online GUIDE! [Current as of Jun. '12]

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Author Topic: Super Mario Bros. Online GUIDE! [Current as of Jun. '12]  (Read 2429 times)
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FINALLY learned how to block POW blocks in MKWii

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« on: January 17, 2012, 09:08:12 pm »

So, here's the new and improved "Semi-comprehensive SMBO Guide", current as of the June 21st update.  Please fill me in on missing or incorrect data whenever possible.

Rather than scrolling down the entire page to see the main features of the guide, here they are (warning, these are big pictures):
Character Guide -- Enemy Guide -- Item Guide -- Badge Guide -- SMBO World Map


Character/Equipment Guide

Note that "Total Stat Ratings" are calculated from initial stats and the best character-specific equipment to date. For a breakdown of the stats of these items, as well as an explanation of Stat Ratings, look at the Equipment section below.

Mario’s built for SPEED, but is at least an average character in all respects. Mario has few defined weaknesses, and is probably a good choice for beginners.

- Highest overall Stat Rating
- High SPEED stat
- Versatile array of specials, with a 2-FP move and both ATK and DEF-boosting specials

Total Stat Rating: 38.8

Though he shares several specials and some equipment with his older brother, Luigi’s one-to-one HP-for-FP trade sets him apart from the crowd.  In addition, Luigi has reasonable equip requirements, cheap equipment, and an affinity for DEF and STACHE.

- Highest DEF
- Decently high points in all stats
- Cheap heal special & strongest DEF special

Total Stat Rating: 35.7

The buff and burly Wario’s main objective is to smash his opponents into the ground.  His lack of affinity for DEF and late-earned heal special make him awkward to play as at first, but in the long run, he's more than worth the trouble.

- Highest ATK, highest Stat Rating discounting SP
- Very few points in "fluff" stats (SPEED/SP/STACHE)
- Ranged weapon and several AoE attacks
- Powerful heal and cheap ATK-boosts

Total Stat Rating: 37.4 (36.4 Ranged)

Much like in mainstream Mario games, Waluigi’s a rather awkward character.  His main focus is on STACHE, giving him a lucrative glass-cannon playstyle.  His ranged weapons can be quite useful in dispatching of enemies from a distance.

- High STACHE and shop discounts
- Two ranged weapons and high-ranged specials
- ATK- and DEF-reducing specials
- Can benefit immensely from the Heal Power badge

Total Stat Rating: 34.0 (32.0 unranged)

Yoshi is one of the best characters to play as, as his affinity for FP and phenomenal special attacks often work together to greatly simplify otherwise difficult encounters.  Yoshi has the only heal special that gives a greater than 1-to-1 exchange of HP for FP, making leveling on Lakitus and such quite lucrative.  Yoshi has no defined disadvantages, and as an added bonus, you can use spray paint to further customize your character.

- High HP and highest FP
- Most cost-effective heal
- Incredibly worthwhile specials

Total Stat Rating: 36.6

Toad’s an unlikely fortress, as his naturally high HP and DEF make for an interesting time for your opponents.  Coupling that with his fourth special, Toad easily has the most of control over PvP.  Toad’s most prominent weakness is his general lack of ATK, but that can be remedied through the aforementioned special.  Toad’s hard to place in the lineup for character ranking, as his performance is largely based on your desired strategy, and he is meant to be more of a supporting character.

- Highest HP
- Ranged weapon
- Unique ATK-DEF Swap special
- Only ranged heal special, great for support

Total Stat Rating: 35.7 (34.4 unranged)

I elected to omit the tier list this time around, as aside from Wario and Toad, the characters seem very well balanced this time around!

Note: "Stat Ratings" are an approximate measure of the relative worth of equipment/characters.  Each 1.0 Stat Rating = 5 HP, 5 FP, 1 ATK, 1 DEF, 2 SPD, 2 STA, 5 SP, or 3% Critical or Block Chance.

Items & Equipment

This very efficient and thorough chart lists all equipment, special attacks, items, and badges currently in the game, as well as Stat Rating info and various other miscellanea.

Item Guide -- Badge Guide

Note: Any shop abbreviations used in the guide are as follows:
MT – Mushroom Town Shop
STS – Steal the Shroom Lobby
KI – Koopa Islands Salestoad
KIV – Koopa Islands Village Shop
WAM – Whack-a-Monty Lobby
KV – Kinopio Village
FH – Flower Hills Salestoad
CS – Card Shop
DE – Daily Event Shop
MK – Mushroom Kingdom Shops (collectively)
DB – Dodgebill Lobby

and currency is as follows:
(None) – Coins
D – Dim Star Pieces
P – Star Pieces
S – [STS] Reward Tokens
W – [WAM] Reward Coins
B – [DB] Reward Coins
E – [DE] Reward Coins
Note: No Star Piece or DE items' buying prices at this point are affected by STACHE.


This handy chart lists all the stats, drops, and OHKO values for every enemy in SMBO.

Enemy Guide

Here are some general formulas for various aspects of SMBO's battle system, for the curious:

Damage done:
(ATK(*.6 + Base) - DEF)*DM*DM +/- 2
DM = 1 normally, 1.3 w/Damage Up, 0.7 w/Damage Down

Base + 2*(# of Levelups) + 3*SPEED (Total)
1 SP every ~120ms (Drain)
(SPEED/2) SP every 3 seconds (Regen)

Attack speed:
1,000 - 3*SPEED milliseconds (- Equipment)

Crit/Block chance:
0.40*(SPEED or STACHE) percent (+ Equipment)

X-hit KO requirement:
Rdup((Rdup(Enemy HP/X)+2)/DM)+Enemy DEF
DM = 1 normally, 1.3 w/Damage Up, 0.7 w/Damage Down

World Map & Favors

This is a semi-comprehensive map of the game as of its most recent update. For better quality, follow the direct link here.

-- Mushroom Kingdom Favors --
For the first favor, give the Toad at the point indicated three Koopa Shells to gain access to the warp in the dark purple house, and thusly the HP Plus Badge.
For the second, talk to the Toad in the indicated location, then kill 10 Lakitus in the same screen (not necessarily in one life).  Talk to the Toad again to receive 100 coins.
For the third, talk to the Toad, then head to the screen with seven Piranha Plants and look behind a tree for the Mushroom Toy.  Give this to the Toad to gain access to warp #7, and the second half of Koopa Beach.
For the fourth, talk to the Salestoad to find out that his sick friend has his goods in a package.  Go to the Restoration House and talk to the Toad in the right corridor to have him give you the package.  Return it to the first Toad to gain access to the shop containing the third set of equipment.
For the fifth, talk to the Koopa in the house indicated and give him three Drillbit Shells in exchange for five Melons, rare items which stack and give 10 HP apiece.
For the sixth, retreive the envelope for Toadsdale after hitting the four switches.
For the seventh favor, deliver the Toad ten Pokey Flowers, in exchange for 400 experience points and 10 Dim Star Pieces.
For the eighth, talk to the Toad in the northwest corner of the town, then talk to the other Toads to eventually receive the Goomba Toy. Give this to the first Toad to receive a Pokey Card.
For the ninth favor, deliver the red-capped Toad the package of Super Shrooms (located in the upper-right corner of the screen two screens west of the vine pit).  In exchange, you will be able to buy them in Kinopio Village and the Mushroom Kingdom.
For the tenth, deliver a Shroom Cake to the Toad outside of Flower Hills.  In exchange, he'll allow you to sample his wares.
For the eleventh, return the Salestoad's lost goods to open up his shop.  To obtain them, attack the green plant in the upper-left corner of the left screen with pipe 49.

-- Beanbean Kingdom Favors --
For the first favor, simply give this Bean a Rock, dropped by various enemies in the area.  He will reward you with a Rock Candy.
For the second, return Chef Bean B.'s Frying Pan, located in a ? block accessed through one of South Beanbean's caves.
For the third, give this old man the ten Bean Fruits in exchange for a Wrench, Ultra Nuts, 150 BB coins and 300 EXP.
For the fourth, return this Wrench to the Bean in the Pipe House in west Castle Town for 100 BB coins and 500 EXP.
For the fifth, simply talk to the guard after finishing the first four favors, and he'll let you pass through whenever you like.
For the sixth, bring a Memory Cake, a special recipe cooked with a Refreshshroom, to the amnesiac to buy equipment from him.

Other notes:
- The three points marked in the Mushroom Maze inset are a Moderately Weak Mini Bob-Omb, a Moderate Mini Bob-Omb, and the point where the former is used, respectively.
- Warp 16 is a Bullet Bill cannon, and is illustrated as a yellow/red warp for simplicity’s sake.  To make the Golden Bullet Bill appear, you will first need to find the clues to its location, the first being located around cacti in the bottom-right of the screen one screen east of the cannon, and the second in front of a small cliff in the screen one screen south of the cannon.
- The spray can opposite the card shop is where Yoshi and Toad can have their skin/cap color changed.

Card Shop Rewards

Get enough cards, or certain special cards, in your collection, and you can receive some pretty cool prizes:

5 cards = 100 coins
10 cards = 200 coins
15 cards = 20 DSP
20 cards = 5 SP
25 cards = 500 coins
Tutankoopa Card = Ultra Shroom
RCC Card = 1000 coins + 5 Dim Star Pieces
Kamek Card = 500 coins + Jammin' Jelly
General Shy Guy Card = 750 coins + 5 Star Pieces

Additional Maps

Here is a map of the very expansive Mushroom Kingdom area, with a comprehensive listing of various points of interest.

Green – Favor Locations
Blue – Sites of Interest
Red – Drill Badge Panel Locations
Purple – Mushroom Ball Locations
Grey  – Other Points of Interest

Favor Descriptions
#1 – Talk to Peach to have her enlist your help in finding her precious item.  Return it to her to receive 2,000 coins, a Deluxe Meal, and a very helpful badge.
#2 – Breach the lines of defense this Koopa has set up to have him ask for the number of buildings in the Mushroom Kingdom.  Answer correctly to receive a rare badge.
#3 – Bring this Goomba a Jelly Ultra to receive 200 Coins and a Star Piece.
#4 – Return this Toad’s Mushroom Balls to receive a Blue Candy and 3 Star Pieces.

Sites of Interest
#1 – Restoration House.
#2 – Item Shop & Item Holder.
#3 – Badge Bazaar & Star Piece Exchange.
#4 – Equipment Shop.
#5 – Dodgebill Arcade.
#6 – A locked house used in one of the favors.
#7 – A locked house containing one of the favors.
#8 – The Cake Mix vendor’s house.
#9 – Salt T.’s kitchen.
#10 – Peach’s Castle.

#1-#3 - ? Blocks.  The second one is the most elusive, and requires the use of a hidden Drill Badge panel to reach.
#4 – Shortcut to the beginning of the MK path.  Requires a Hammer Barrage badge.
#5 – The Small Key is located in this area, and is required for one of the favors.
#6 – Save Album.
??? – This house is linked to a very secret item. Bringing it here will grant you a unique reward.

Here's a map of the new and very extensive "Poison Cave" area in West Beanbean, along with a map showing the fastest path through:
Map alone -- Map w/guide

And last, but not least, here's a map of the right path of the Daily Event, commonly referred to as the "DE Maze" or simply the "hard side".

Legend should explain it all; there are three DE Koopas before the pipe, and seven afterward.

Again, please let me know if there are any glaring errors in this guide.  Screenshot proof (try ScreenHunter Free 5.0) is always most helpful to illustrate a complaint.


Garro - For mapping the Flower Hills and Mushroom Kingdom Path areas, as well as making minor additions to earlier areas.
MG2123 - Most of the card shop rewards, which were sorely overlooked in the previous guide.
BlazeingYoshi - Lemon Lollipop recipe
Draco - For reminding me to remove those annoying "8)" smileys.
Shroomerson - Maple Syrup recipe
Yoshisx9 - Information regarding a secret item.
TheUrbanProfessional - Various corrections and Beanbean favor rewards.
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Posts: 486

FINALLY learned how to block POW blocks in MKWii

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« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2012, 09:08:59 pm »

Reserved for potential future use.
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First to get all 47 cards, all in inventory
SIX maxed characters at level 75!
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FINALLY learned how to block POW blocks in MKWii

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« Reply #2 on: July 09, 2012, 06:29:50 pm »

Updated the guide! Few things left to change, but it's pretty much done now!
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« Reply #3 on: July 25, 2012, 06:53:55 am »

I completed the beanfruit quest and earned ultranuts,150 beanbean coins,and 300 EXP.
I also completed the Wrench quest which earned me 100 beanbean coins and 500 EXP.
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Posts: 486

FINALLY learned how to block POW blocks in MKWii

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« Reply #4 on: July 25, 2012, 11:17:21 am »

Thanks a bunch; I'll add those rewards right away.  I made some other assorted corrections as well.
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First to get all 47 cards, all in inventory
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« Reply #5 on: September 15, 2012, 04:56:40 pm »

I think you should probably add which enemies chase you and which don't... Here are the ones that don't (I might miss a couple, considering this list is based off of my short-term memory)

Koopa-Troopa (Lvl 2)
Drillbit Crab
Shy Guy
BeanBean Spiny
Armored Koopa
Monty Mole
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